Hello World


Howdy, folks.

I'm a private tutor; I don't work for a school. Louisiana schools are some of the worst in the nation, so a lot of educated parents homeschool their kids, here. That's most of my students, that.

I mostly teach Latin. I have no paper qualifications to do this. I've never taken a formal Latin class, and have no relevant degrees. I learned from an insurance salesman who never attended a university. I speak well enough and read quickly and easily. Been studying Latin for twenty years and speaking it for ten.

If I say things about teaching Latin that sound odd or impractical, chalk it up to the above. I have no administrators or oversight, I have complete control over how I teach, and being untrained, everything I do in the classroom I either figured out by trial and error, or stole from someone else.

There're ups and downs to that. The freedom means I can really experiment and focus on getting the language into students' minds and tongues. It also means a lot of what I do won't cross over into a traditional classroom so easily. I've never issued a grade in my Latin classes, and frankly don't plan to start anytime soon.

Take what you find here as you find it. If I'm wrong about something, please let me know. I'm often wrong. If my Latin is less than perfect, send me a correction. I and my students will appreciate you. Hopefully, you find something useful, or at least get a laugh out of the hedge-teacher's rudimentary pedagogy.